Alluring and Inspiring Music: Duane Parham Amazes Listeners with a Fresh New Single

“Your Precious Love” is a riveting and soothing new track for listeners, providing an escape from the stresses of fast-paced, modern life

Rochester, MI —March 25th, 2022- An eclectic powerhouse who is driven for success Duane Parham is set to captivate listeners with his newly released single- “Your Precious Love”. The new release is garnering astronomical attention due to its immense emotional depth and lyrical mastery. Conveying an exciting, understandable, and relatable story through a mix of Soul and R&B music, Parham’s novel new single entices the listener into a magnetizing trance.

“Your Precious Love” both liberates and captivates simultaneously, regaling listeners with its uniqueness. The rising start induces listeners to feel freedom through the rhythms- escape from the stress of life and from complications in relationships. It is through the new track that the musician wishes to deliver a deeps sense of love and joy for the world. The artist believes that his music is unique because it breathes “soul” into music enthusiasts and thus displays its true innovation.

There are a number of creative minds that have been part of the composition of this esteemed musical piece. Some of these include lead vocalist Tammy Trele (Davis), background singer and arranger Pat Lewis, “Earl Van Dyke” Terrell on program and keyboard, and Maurice Whitsett on keyboard and strings. Additionally, T. Rocky Henton and Joe Foster showcase their prowess on the guitar, coupled with Paul Stewart on the bass, and Ron Otis drums.

A powerhouse of talents, Duane Parham’s genius is not just restricted to music, rather it extends beyond the realm of music to the world of literature as well. The eclectic musician’s autobiography “Can You Hear Me Now” is a riveting novel on the highs and lows of life and the lessons that we garner from them.

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Duane Parham is a national and international Smooth Jazz, Gospel and R&B saxophonist whose music spans several decades. Parham is a legend in the Detroit area, both due to his social connections as well as his inspiring music. As the founder of The Educational Arts Society, a nonprofit, he dedicates time to teach and fund aspiring young musicians, providing music to senior homes and helps preserve Detroit’s rich music history. The movie documentary “The Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire,” and the song “Detroit City is Coming Back” reveal his deep love for the city he calls home.

Parham feels that making music is an essential element of his being, so much so that without his saxophone he feels “naked”. The musical instrument has been used to celebrate weddings, ease the pain at funerals and reach out to music lovers worldwide.

The musician’s core motto is being “real” when negotiating the crooks and turns of life. For him, life is truly an expedition and a tumultuous journey. It is only though determination that the artist believes one can persist through hard times- a mantra that is resonant within Parham’s music as well.


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