Sabor Latino Makes You Feel

Sabor Latino Makes You FeelSpanish is not my first language, nor my second – but I did take it for two years in high school over 10 years ago. I can manage a little when reading, even less when listening. With music though, language is somewhat not that important. You can still feel what is being sung without truly understanding; it is about feeling the emotion of the artist. That leads me to Sabor Latino. He is a Spanish hip hop artist from New York City who is currently working on an album titled “Observaciones de Mi Vida,” which translates to Observations of My Life. This endeavor is volume one, so make sure to keep tabs on Sabor Latino for volume two if you like what you hear. Although most of the words are lost in translation, I could still feel the music and the delivery of Sabor Latino. Songs like “No Ma Violencia,” I assumed was No More Violence, could not be a bad song. It preached a good moral for everyone. “Presidente” was also a treat, as was the his introduction to the world, “Introduccion.” If you are into artists like Daddy Yankee, then check out Sabor Latino now and do not forget about the volumes he has coming for you. (