Kindyl Read the Rock

Kindyl Read the RockKindyl it’s not just for reading, oh wait – that’s Kindle. This Kindyl is a rock band from Grand Junction, Colorado. They sound like they take their biggest influence from bands that inhabited the 80’s and early 90’s. Bands like Poison and Guns N’ Roses. There’s a true grit to Jason Carey’s voice that sits heavy one every track. Not to leave out the rest of the guys, Scott Coolbaugh, Matt Elliot and Thomas Coolbaugh though. All four guys create rock music that has some heart and quite frank, beautiful elements as well. True elegance lives in “Scars With Memories.” As for the rock, things got heavy for a couple seconds with “Set Me Free” and “Hate Me.” Other than that what I heard from Kindyl was more on the monster ballad side of things. If you’re a hair band fan from yesteryear or today, then you’ll want to make some time to check out Kindyl.