Sam Seed The Shaggy Dog: L8Bit

Sam Seed The Shaggy DogTexas born but residing in Utah today, Sam Seed The Shaggy Dog was a mere 14-years-old when he first picked up a guitar and started showcasing a serious interest in music. Over the years his fascination and appreciation for music grew as he found himself immersed in everything from blues and jazz to EDM and hip hop. Today he lives in that electronic space, but also tosses some hip hop into the mix – which fans can hear on his latest release, this year’s “L8Bit.” Speaking of, the record starts off with “Plucked Heartstrings” and it makes you wait a second; builds an ambiance with one swift motion of sound before adding layers to its delivery. It’s a laid back track, while the title-track steps up the energy a bit. You get more movement with this one and it’s like a chaotic burst. As the record plays on, we head back down with “Hitchhiking Shark” but the mid-tempo feel gives it an eccentric vibe. Lastly, you can hear that blues like love in him with “(Rejuvination).” There’s depth in this one you can feel with every note. If you’re a fan of electronic music that has more to offer, check out Sam Seed The Shaggy Dog’s “L8Bit,” out now. (