Sasha France Gives Back With Charitable Single “Fix My Broken Heart” 

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Jarrow, London – April 18, 2020 – Everyone is born so vulnerable to the new world around them, but for some reality is even direr. 16-year-old Sasha France knows that all too well. As a baby, she needed not one, but two major heart surgeries to save her life. Now Sasha France wants nothing more than to use her vocal talent to give back as a thank you to those who not only gave her a second chance at life but continue to save the lives of children every day with her charity single, “Fix My Broken Heart.” 

With a voice that is on par with powerhouses like Demi Lovato, Sasha France delivers a stellar performance from the press of play on “Fix My Broken Heart.” You can not only hear the professionalism throughout but the well, heart of Sasha’s performance. Every note she delivers is one from deep inside her, and the video that coincides with the single is a beautiful, heartfelt clip that highlights the emotional toll families experience when their little loved one is going through a harrowing experience within the hospital walls. 

That level of professionalism comes from years of practice as Sasha France showed a passion for music early in life. She started attending performance school at four-years-old, was competing in singing competitions by nine, had a co-writer at 12 from Nashville, went there to write a few tracks, and is currently attending music college to learn more about songwriting and the industry as a whole. 

“Fix My Broken Heart” is available now and benefits two wonderful charities; Brave Hearts Charity and Newcastle Hospitals. 

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Sasha France may never have seen her 16th birthday last summer if it wasn’t for the wonderful staff at the NHS hospital when she was just a baby. They saved her life with two major heart surgeries, and now the pop singer is looking to give back with her single, “Fix My Broken Heart.” 

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