Score with Schizophrenic House Cat

Schizophrenic House Cat ReviewIf there was an award for best artist name it’d have to go to Schizophrenic House Cat. So what or rather who is behind this amazing name? Well it’s Mr. Scrambles from San Diego and he’s doing all he can to concoct sounds that intertwine a bit of jazz, a lot of orchestral, some classical, an ounce of progressive and some 8-bit for the tech lovers. “A Fire To Consume Us” definitely sounds like video game music. If you’ve ever paid attention to the scores from those – that’s a huge compliment. It appears to tell this story with a beginning, middle and end; all the while drama and adventure being dispersed throughout. It’s hard to compete with that but let’s take a look at some other tracks from Schizophrenic House Cat. “Sweet Coma” is definitely sweeter than comatose. It has this calming effect to it. With “Standby” the sweet is gone and the eerie is in. It could be in a Thriller movie thanks to the spooky anticipation is creates. Keeping with the spooks, “Ghost Town”…well this one isn’t as creepy as the last. This one does render images of children in period pieces dancing about a ballroom though, agreed? Okay, that could be creepy to some. To wrap this up we’re going to step on some “Platforms.” It’s not the most energetic song but does soothe to make a good ending for this journey of sound we’ve had together. If you’re the type of person into scores and don’t quite need lyrics but rely on the emotion the music creates, check out Schizophrenic House Cat today. (