Sean Dampte Brings The Heat and “Energy” With New Single

Nigerian Afrobeat Artist Pops with New Release September 27, 2019


London, England – September 18, 2019 – Serving up Afrobeat on new levels, Sean Dampte has been repping his Nigerian roots since the start of his career with his African meets pop sounds that have sent waves through the industry. With more than a dozen releases in 2019 alone, he’s adding another to the cascade of hits with his latest single, “Energy,” out September 27, 2019.

“Energy” follows the longstanding tradition Sean Dampte has when it comes to going above and beyond what those around him are doing. His 13th single of 2019, “Energy” will help round out Sean Dampte’s stunning 2019 with the help of his last single of the year, “Happiness.” With this release fans and critics alike continue to rush towards Sean’s glowing light. The Nigerian Tribune noted of his “Energy” and Sean’s overall sound and style how he has “successfully found a way to create a sound unique to him, which displays his talent in the art of rhythm and rhymes.”

Over this career Sean Dampte has shared the stage with heavy hitters in his scene such as Wizkid, Davido, YCee, as well as shared accolades with T- Pain’s Nappy Boi Record Marquee Signee Tay Dizm, and Kenyan pop artiste, Bandanah. With two more singles coming by the end of the year, Sean Dampte has plans to put on a large concert event with his friends before he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming 2020 release.

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Sean Dampte has solidified his name in the Nigerian music scene, now he’s planning on taking on the rest of the world with his new single, “Energy.”

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