Sean Maries Positive Vibes

Sean Maries Positive VibesIt is easy to be down and out about life, but when you are Sean Maria you look on the bright side no matter what. You not only do that if you are Sean Marie, but you sing about it as well. Sean is a singer/songwriter with a voice that showcases a lot of emotion, while remaining positive about life. That is the main thing you walk away with after listening to her. Songs like You Are Not Broken and We’ve Gotta Live are positive musical notes to carry with you throughout your day in case something comes along and makes you feel down. She is not only about that, she also shows off the important people in her life with Mother and Found That in You. Mother could use some work when it comes to the recording mechanics, but overall both have a lot of love in them. While all the songs have positivity about them, Not So Bad is the icing on the cake for this batch baked by Sean Marie. It is both a delight to listen to and has a great message interwoven in there. If you have found yourself needing something in your life that can turn your frown upside down, take a chance on Sean Marie. (