The Apostles

The Apostles“I Choose Life” by The Apostles starts off with an entrancing R&B groove, then a deep baritone male voice comes in over the smooth drums and guitar lines. The female “choir” style harmonies immediately take this group to the pro level, and the slick recording brings out each nuance and overtone. The music is positive and uplifting, possibly “Christian” or at least spiritually inclined. “Father forgive me for the wrong I’ve done…” sings the female vocalist as she gets a verse past the 3 minute mark. The arranging and vocal execution are superb, showcasing refined church-style talent and above-the-bar musicianship.

Checking out the groups website,, listeners can stream a variety of their tracks and get a definite feel for their flavor. The group is part of 1 Soul Entertainment, which also hosts a variety of gospel/spiritual artists, The Apostles being one of the strongest acts. Lush vocal harmonies persist in the music, and they can execute them live as demonstrated by some of the videos on their website. Fans of underground gospel music, local Christian acts and down-home, refined musicianship will dig the creative soul-spin that The Apostles put into their R&B worship songs.