Sir Ivan – Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye

Review of Sir Ivan’s Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye


Sir Ivan has dedicated his new single to raising money and awareness for a huge issue facing many kids and teens today: bullying. His single, “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye” focuses on the issue of bullying and 100% of the proceeds go toward efforts to help kids and teens who are victims. Sir Ivan has been a strong advocate of the anti-bullying movement for years. He is the founder of the Peaceman Foundation, through which he makes major donations to causes such as the Trevor Project—an organization providing help and support to LGBT youth.

“Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye” is a techno-pop song reminiscent of 80’s pop/rock. It has a fresh beat and a good hook, the lyrics urging people to forget the bullies and live a life free of fear and intimidation. Sir Ivan also collaborated with several artists to create nine remixes of this track—each one brings a fresh twist and changes up the beat at different points in the song.

I really enjoy the concept behind Sir Ivan’s single—to raise awareness through music for youth who suffer from the everyday yet often overlooked problem of bullying. However, there are a couple of issues that I think hold him back from engaging a wider audience for his cause. While this song features a fun beat and interesting sound, the lyrics are not well-written and they sound awkward with the phrasing of the song. There is also a lack of variance in the melody, making it sound almost monotone and flat. If the song were written around the problem of bullying but used a more appealing melody, I think it would be effective in reaching more people. Another element that may detract from overall meaning is the tone of the lyrics. Instead of focusing on knowing and loving ourselves more, even learning how to deal with bullying better, its theme is tearing bullies down. It seems to me the artist combats the problem of bullying with more bullying. Lyrics like “they have no use except to cause pain/they’re twisted, sadistic, shameless and ballistic, out of control, narcissistic” promote a vilifying mentality and devalue the purpose of other lives. I understand the desire to rally as youth victimized by bullying and to say “enough is enough,” but it doesn’t seem to accomplish much too simply attack the worth and character of other people.

I do appreciate Sir Ivan’s heart and motivation behind this single. As an artist, he is using his art to help kids who need support and guidance. This shows a deep concern for a worthy cause, and his efforts will be appreciated by many children and teens.


Review by Christen Johnson