Sugar & Cream –Billy Grima

Sugar & Cream –Billy Grima

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Americana traces within music can feel over done or even a touch over dramatic, yet Billy Grima with his third album Sugar & Cream presents a full body of work that exudes a complete package of happy memories and good times. While Grima gained his start into music by the age of 8, it would be a couple of years and a few records later that we would be introduced to him. Coming out of Caledon Hills, Ontario, Canada but originally hailing from Australia, this man is no stranger to writing a song that is full of catchy hooks.

With the track that shares that same title as his album Sugar & Cream offers a whole hearted moment of that meet cute scene that happens in films but they sometimes do happen in real life. Backed by a brigade of instruments that back up the soulful looks that Grima sings about in the song; where Grima is not shy about talking about living for what you want too in the next track called Living the Dream. What Grima offers is another take on a pop rock song that can pinch of various musical elements from Soul, Americana and even Jazz that somehow infiltrates a guaranteed hit number.

We can discuss all the subjects that Billy Grima has touched upon but then again, what hasn’t he touched upon with just this album? Having such an extensive range about experiencing life can only come from someone that has actually recorded these very actions.

As far as influences go for Grima, with the likes of Billy Joel and Jason Mraz it only seems fair to add Grima to the mix. Only a few can offer that truly crooner melody without going to Sinatra or becoming caught up with their own personality getting in the way of things. You’ll believe every lyric that each song holds, maybe even taking it a little too much to heart but that’s the point of music, engrossing ourselves for a certain amount of time before continuing on with our realities.

As summer approaches and more hit jams make their debuts, remember Billy Grima as a musician who can help you reflect, feel nostalgic and understand any mishap or wonderful adventure one individual may go on. As Sugar & Cream comes to an end, one word tends to ring out throughout the whole tune, home, which in itself can explain a lot. Whether someone is coming home or going home, Billy Grima has somehow encompassed an album that begins our summer and knows exactly how it will end as well.

Review by Kristen F.