Pop the Dance Floor with Lily Galin

Lily Galin ReviewPop music and dance clubs go hand in hand and there are a ton of artists who can get that job done. One of them is Lily Galin and she’s on the verge. “Love Me Tonight” has this great beat to it that would make it an infectious club hit for the sensual dancers out there. In “Life Will Go On” we’re introduced to a track that solidifies who Lily is as an artist. She makes pop music that has this bravado to it. She has this strength in her vocals that demands attention, while giving a beat that you can dance to. In “Only You” there’s a sweeter delivery tactic to things when it starts out but overall it has the strongest beat so far. I could imagine a sea of people just moving throughout the night to it. An interesting one if “Tik Tak Tu.” I thought it was just the title, but the whole song comes to us in a different language. While all the rest were English, this one offers a worldly view on music. When it comes to emerging artists in the pop club scene, Lily Galin is one to watch. So get behind her now before she blows up. (https://www.youtube.com/user/Vilniute1/videos)

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