Corinne Cook – ‘Dressed Up For Goodbye’

Corinne Cook – ‘Dressed Up For Goodbye’

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Contemporary country artist Corinne Cook’s album ‘Dressed Up For Goodbye’ is a beautiful representation of a woman’s life. Cook is successful in connecting with her audience with her heartfelt vocals and soulful, relatable lyrics. Little Miss Understanding is indeed a great start to the album. It’s energizing and made me want to sing along, out loud! The guitar solo adds a special flavor to the entire song and gives it more of a rock effect than country.

The instrumental intro of Who is beautiful to the ears. Corinne Cook’s vocals are powerful and very dreamy in this song. The song Dressed Up For Goodbye is the perfect combination of music, tempo and lyrics. The music is soothing. The lyrics are very relatable to anybody who has suffered heartbreak and the tempo is just right.

There is so much sadness and beauty in He Loves Her Like Crazy. This track tells the story of domestic violence; increasing awareness and evoking a few tears in my eyes. After three mellow, somewhat sad songs, Cook returns with the attitude encountered in the first track and her powerful vocals. In Dirty Little Secret, she gives us a playful track that made me want to dance.

The piano-impelled duet track featuring Paul Scott, I Don’t, is a beautiful composition; but it’s not just the composition that is beautiful! The lyrics and the vocals of both Cook and Scott are extremely powerful, emotion evoking and in its entirety, wonderful. The band version of the track I Don’t is just as good as the original version. This song is utterly beautiful.

Fall Apart is immensely heartbreaking and very relatable. It is a powerful and very melodious song. Cook’s vocals hit my heart directly and an inexplicable connection formed instantly as I listened to the track. It felt like Cook was successful in communicating to me in a more than wonderful way. Turning Off the World is another high-energy song in the album. It is also very relatable as it talks of the stresses and issues of an average day. Cook sings “I’m turning off the world today”, depicting how everybody needs a few breaks from their monotonous lives; something that truly struck a chord.

The vocals and guitar riffs of Lord Have Mercy are amazing. Cook makes sure this country/rock/blues genre track lives up to the other songs and it certainly does. Long Before Goodbye is emotionally powerful and Cook’s vocals are evidently heartfelt. The lyrics are also very relatable as they speak, yet again, of heartbreak.

Cowboy, a country rocker, is powerful and indeed very impressive- in the vocals, the lyrics, the music composition, the “country” feel to it. The song more than succeeds in all of these aspects- everything is perfect. Perhaps the track should’ve been placed somewhere in the first five tracks to really make a powerful impression. The album is a beautiful representation of a woman’s life. It is also very relatable; which will make the listeners like it better.

Overall rating: 8/10


Jayson Williams