Get In Tune with Dr. Sean Daniels and DSD Jazz Quartet

Dr. Sean Daniels and DSD Jazz Quartet ReviewDr. Sean Daniels has loved music for as long as he can remember and today he puts that love into his work with the DSD Jazz Quartet. When you see “Amazing Grace,” you automatically get a sense of patriotic pride and think of boasting vocals. With their rendition though  you get this wonderfully constructed instrumental piece that’s light and airy, and sounds very metropolitan. With “Stella by Starlight” we hear some similar elements to the last, but here things are more meticulous and less carefree than the other. Lastly, “4 Those Who Feel…” we’re taken to the night. This one has a shroud of elegance to it, and makes you think of a night out at a fancy restaurant one could only dream of affording. Its decadence shines through sound. If you’re a fan of smooth jazz, make sure to check out what Dr. Sean Daniels and DSD Jazz Quartet are doing. (