Karen Brite Shines a Light on Pop

Karen KrollKaren Brite’s newest video for “Go Run Wild Be Free,” showcases her vocal chops as she has this light rock sound meets melodic sound to her delivery. On top of her performance, she’s really bringing to light a message for our animal friends. The people at PETA would love this one! From the rock pop sound of that one, we hear more of a serenade with “Sweet Sweet Child.” A song perfect for the upcoming Mother’s Day, it’s about the love of a mother towards her child; one of the greatest loves on earth. Then we pick things up with “Let It Shine.” It’s a great song for the summertime. It has great energy and is familiar, so everyone can enjoy! If you’re a fan of easy listening pop, check out Karen Brite now. (https://www.karenbrite.com)