R&B’s Rising Star P’tah Johnson

P'tah Johnson ReviewOne of the most inescapable songs of the past few months has got to be Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that’s a great pop song. Well, while we’ve heard it a million and one times – today…We decided to give it one more listen thanks to the reinvention of it by Boston’s own P’tah Johnson. This R&B singer really gave it a whole new life as he slowed it down, packed soul into it and drove it home. That cover is just one song this artist has. All the rest of stunning originals like the metropolitan night out ways of “Time” as well as the sensually done “Naturally.” When it comes to P’tah Johnson, you have to check him out if you’re a fan of artists like Justin Timberlake and Ne-Yo. If that’s you, make sure to get into P’tah Johnson today! (https://soundcloud.com/ptah-johnson)

2 thoughts on “R&B’s Rising Star P’tah Johnson

  • Malcolm Cawthorne

    Way to go P’tah! Keep grindin’ baby!!

  • Respect Sir thank you

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