Sirens – I Believe (single)

Sirens – I Believe (single)


There’s a real sense of cathartic musical independence here via this latest work from Washington DC 3 based musical three-some Sirens. Sirens consists of Steve Kinzer (Keyboards), Josh Barnhart (drums) Jake Barnhart (vocals/guitar).

While everything here on this latest single is shall I say exceptionally entertaining it also manages to cover a pretty wide range of musical styles in the process. When you listen to the music of Sirens you are hopeful that this is a glimpse of where music is hopefully headed. It’s easy to hear possible influences like Imagine Dragons, Tom Petty and One Republic in their music. If you haven’t noticed this is a pretty diverse list of acts. However the real magic is how Sirens blend all the aforementioned ingredients into a musical recipe that is the uniquely their own.

Sirens encompasses the rich history of Melodic Rock but also encompasses a modern electro-pop backbone. In addition they have broadened and reshaped music into something somewhat new, fresh, youthful, reckless and slightly crazy and out of control. All this and more make Sirens a refreshing musical commodity. I Believe delivers pure grooved magic for roughly 3 1/2 minutes.

Another highlight for me is how well these cats masterfully navigate with sheer precision lyrically through this simplistic yet amazing writing style. All members demonstrate their individual musical talents and abilities. I enjoy bands that don’t showboat or overplay. This is a fine line as some bands come across as being too simplistic while are over compensating. So are you thinking what I’m thinking? Somehow all the above is not compatible with the superficial pop musical times we live in?

Well enter Sirens primed for world-wide success delivering infectious melodies with a heartfelt, poetic flair. Expect great things from Sirens as their fan base grows past Maryland this Summer. I believe there’s a detached and disgruntled audience just waiting for them to arrive.


Zachary Rush