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Atlanta, GA – Angel Dove Global Media has holistically expanded its reach to a variety of national and international recording artists, DJ’s, writers, and producers in the music industry. With partnerships and international joint venture partners with a combined one hundred and fifty years of successful experience in the entertainment industry, the organization provides music production, intellectual property management, social media marketing strategies, PR, secure endorsements, sponsorships,  and a myriad of other entertainment related services. They have truly lived up to their promise of delivering outstanding services, creative music, and opportunities for artists. The company uses a comprehensive and all  approach towards its media strategies and has worked with great artists such as 2018 Grammy nominated Zydeco recording artist Dwayne Dopsie, former number one DJ Judge Jules, England’s legendary Rapper Retro, Norway number one spin master and producer DJ Prince.

ADGMG produce, provide, and support artists of all genres. Having worked with artists in jazz to DJs and electronic music hit makers, the company has achieved some very promising results. Their latest Ripple 2.20 GOOOD News Experience Various Artists project released independently has quite a few cutting-edge songs under it. The songs have a real feel-good vibe to them. The music is very versatile and sways from hip hop to soulful House, dance, RnB, Pop and EDM.

Featuring global celebrity DJ’s and remix DJ’s such as DJ Prince from Norway, Michael Bosch from Holland, DJ Judge Jules from the United Kingdom, Rapper Retro/Boggawonder from United Kingdom, and recording artist from the United States such as Ripple 2.20, A Girl Named JOE, Luke G, Stan J, Michael Mindingall, The Young Millionaires 3. This combination and strategies has proven early results gaining two Top 10 position on England RnB Soul Charts with “Exercise My Love” and “I Don’t Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky” by Ripple 2.20 and establishing a buzz on dance radio and in clubs with cuts such as “Can’t Stop The Love”(Ripple 2.20 feat Michael Bosch), “Put Your Hands In The Air And Move”( A Girl Named JOE).

Production is one of their core business, and they actively develop game plans and get the best hands on deck. The company excels at providing the best combination of composers and producers that adapt and blend with each artist. A testimony to their brilliance is that the methods they use have been a part of countless gold and platinum records selling millions of dollars.

Another major focus of the company is on music publishing (Heavenly Wisdom Music) and administration with a catalogue of over 200 songs. This can be quite a daunting task and needs attention to detail, discipline, and of course, talent. Finding the best for all three, Angel Dove Global Media has made it their priority to retain top of the class songwriters.

“Our Music Builds Bridges That Glue People And Nations Together Under The Banner You Can’t Stop The Love Of GOD.”




Angel Dove Global Media was created by CEO Dr. Marlin McNichols to engage in the business of music recording, music publishing, artist management, intellectual properties management, concert touring, merchandising, endorsements, event promotion, and digital properties delivered through the internet and satellites. In today’s competitive market, the Angel Dove Entertainment Music Group (ADGME) model is to expand and diversify our revenue streams through joint ventures, business relationships, and by taking advantage and engaging in all existing new technologies.


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