Soulful and Captivating Rap Tunes that Inspire and Connect Hearts: Talented Artist Larry Miller MCL Unveils New Single “Letter to you”

With enriching use of beats and song writing that is bound to weave connections between like-minded hearts, minds, and souls, Larry Miller, better known by artistic identity MCL, is set to soar, releasing original single “Letter to You”.

Atlanta, Georgia  – July 6th, 2021 – Marking his own imprint in the rich and diverse musical dimensions of Rap and Soul, enigmatic artist and song writer, Larry Miller MCL, is driven to inspire listeners with his original new single. By using magnetic rhythms and alluring beats, the eclectic artist aims to propel into the mainstream, as he releases a new anthem for the ages and times.

Dominated by soul-stirring song writing and lyricism that pierces through any fabric of the mind and heart, MCL’s catchy tunes stand out in his new single “Letter to You”. Tugging at heartstrings, the alluring release “Letter to You” forms a unique Rap and Hip-Hop contribution by the budding artist.

By featuring sensual and attractive lyrics and song writing prowess, MCL’s song marks his dynamic foray into a genre which has been tried and tested by many artists and singers before him. However, “Letter to You” exhibits masterful song writing brilliance and beats and rhythms that are both mesmerizing and memorable, retelling the tale of the heart- relatable for many listeners of Rap.

Having released on July 6th, 2021, “Letter to You” also features a devoted and inspirational attempt to uplift women’s intricate and unique talents and features. Denoting the feminine mystique in a captivating and enthralling manner, MCL’s new single is bound to become a household favorite, driven by the alluring chorus itself.

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Larry Miller MCL, better known by his artistic name MCL, is an up-and-coming force in the world of Hip Hop, Rap and Soul music. With his enthralling and catchy singles, rooted within Hip Hop, MCL aims to rise the ranks in the testing grounds of the music industry, while simultaneously evolving and growing with his craft. With release of new single, “Letter to You”, MCL depicts a sensory and uniquely driven Rap style, which is led strongly by its use of elaborate beats and rhythms.



Name: Larry Miller MCL
Email Address: [email protected]