Soulful Indie Music That Inspires Introspection: Onism E Releases A Hit New Single That Syncs With The Heart.

“Lin Manuel” is a new single that makes listeners connect over the universal and innate quality of simply human with beautiful musical symphonies.

San Antonio, TX — June 21st, 2022- Onism E is a new up-and-coming musical collective that creates music that forms an empathetic and loving safe space for all those that crave some compassion in their lives. The music is the connecting wire between a myriad of different individuals all of which feel lost in this increasingly polarized world. A small hand stretched out to help others in tumultuous times; music that makes one feel seen and heard.

“Lin Manuel” is a culmination of this backdrop that colors the musical message sent through. The song is simply about the everyday struggle of being human; of living in this world and dealing with the challenges that it provides us with. Onism E is specifically unique for making music that is so sensitive to the current happenings in the world and thus resonates with the masses. Everyone is welcome to come and take their place in the emotionally riveting journey.

“Lin Manuel” was written during the pandemic and recorded live in a small studio owned by Eline Chavez. Formed against the backdrop of many questions, this is Eline’s story and her point of view as a musician and artist. This single provides answers to many of the lingering questions. “When do I stop playing? Is anyone listening? What’s next for us/me?” Forest Gump said it so eloquently, “What’s my destiny, Mama?” Onism E decided their music could be the beacon of light to help us navigate these murky waters.

To flesh out the sound, a new Texas-based trio includes guitarist Chris ‘Lefty’ Vargas, bass player Chris ‘CeeRod’ Rodriguez, and drummer Raj Arenas were invited to help. Their additional energy and inspiration elevate Onism E to a new level and truly set the group apart from the masses. This creative collective is just an example of the future projects and collaborations that the eclectic band is excited for!

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Onism means ‘the awareness of how little of the world you will experience. The band Onism E thus embodies the humbleness and empathy that its band name stands for by creating music that caters to universal messages. Being in only one place at one time can be difficult for those of us wishing to experience all the planet has to offer. These soulful indie-rockers attempt to bring it all together to share a worldly adventure with their fans.

Front woman Eline Chavez takes her journey of being born in California, raised in Texas, and now calling New York City home, and puts it all into her emotion-fueled songwriting. Onism E is thus a culmination of life experiences wrapped up in a soulful package that is carving a unique space within the indie rock world. Every live show is guaranteed to move you in more ways than one!


Onism Music
Name: Onism E
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