Sparking a Fearless Motivation to Search for Happiness – Yeri Hye Enthralls All with Upbeat Pop Track “Step by Step”

Using her talent to inspire, challenge, and motivate audiences, Yeri Hye hopes that her philosophy of keeping your head up each day resonates with listeners

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia — A catchy mix of Pop and Dance beats, Yeri Hye’s new single, “Step by Step” is a marvelous display of the up-and-coming star’s musical talents. A track which beckons listeners to keep coming back for more, “Step by Step” was released on the artist’s official music streaming platforms on November 15 2022, and features her engaging and memorable style.

Brightening the mood with an incredible array of lyrical and rhythmic choices, Yeri Hye hopes that her mantra of loving and living life each day spreads far and wide. “Step by Step” is a testament to life’s diverse spectrum of shades and colors and builds on the idea that life is full of ups and downs, and one should have the brave heart to go into the day with renewed spirit.

Inspiring and uplifting audiences, “Step by Step” is just the first ‘step’ in Yeri Hye’s plans of making unique, philanthropical, incredible music for listeners to lose themselves in. The artist has been working on developing her musical presence and writing tracks that are creative, expressive, and soulful.

An independent artist, Yeri has also been teaching Zumba fitness since the past 6 years, following her passion for dance and fitness. Combining music, dance, and fitness, the talented artist is also the recipient of the National Group Fitness Instructor of the Year accolade!

The artist’s other interests include ‘Tea – Kwon – Do’- Korean martial arts and she also holds a ‘Black Belt’ in the sport. The artist is also recipient of gold medals in several other national competitions and has pursued several modelling gigs as well in the past.

“I love what I’m doing now. I continue to chase my dream of becoming a great musician! I really hope my new song “Step by Step” gives people a great encouragement, challenge, motivation, and happiness,” says the artist regarding her music.

Download and stream Yeri Hye’s new single “Step by Step” which is available now on all official music streaming platforms! Connect with Yeri Hye on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok and feel free to email for reviews, interviews, and collaboration opportunities!



Yeri Hye was born in Seoul, South Korea but when she was 15 years old, the artist migrated to New Zealand with her parents and younger sister. After her secondary education, she studied fashion design arts at Auckland University, and had some work experience in the fashion industry. Following her burning passion for music and dance, Yeri Hye decided to join performing arts school, where she was able to experience and learn a variety of dance forms including ballet, tap dance, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary.

After moving to Sydney, Yeri Hye had some more training at Brent Street Performing Arts School, and after completing the course, joined Chatswood Musical society and performed in “The Best of Broadway” and “Sound of Music.”

With an aim to become a professional musician, she began taking singing lessons and joined community guitar club, learning the guitar and performing at recitals. She also began participating in open mics in pubs, clubs, and various other events.


Yeri Hye
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