Spurring Change and Initiating Meaningful Conversations with Music: Talented Singer-Songwriter James McDowell Set to Inspire

Moved by the power and impact of music, James McDowell remains overtaken by a love and passion for music- the flames of which were ignited within him back when he started to compose in 1982.

Baltimore, Maryland- August 31st, 2021- An up-and-coming sensation, James McDowell brings to the music world an immersive and dynamic musical character, while also stressing upon meaningful and crucial themes.

Throughout his time in the world of music, James has worked with multiple talented musicians and writers to deliver authentic and uplifting music that has inspired young fans around the world.

Ever since the start of his journey within the music world, James has always made the efforts to sing and write songs that are not only inspiring but are also dominated by a unique musical style, making him stand out in the industry.

Strongly believing that music is a way to channel your emotions out to the world, the dynamic artist uses his platform for stressing conversations that matter, spurring change and awareness within people. With his newest music, the artist sheds light on the need to wear a mask and maintain proper distance, fulfilling your civic duty and ensuring the wellness of yourself and those around you.

Battling every obstacle he faces in life with a steadfast resolve, James McDowell has dealt with the loss of his vision and has also experienced the aching loss of his wife as well as his friends. However, despite all challenges, James refuses to give up on his passion for music. During the pandemic, James devoted his time and energy into composing a new single: Wear Your Mask, which is now available online. He hopes that his new single inspires the young generation to live life to the fullest, rowing against the currents of the hardships and struggles that life may have to offer.

“People are just trying to find something in life to give them comfort, joy, happiness, and HOPE. We need more positive messages in this world today! I want my music to promote a change for the better!” says James McDowell regarding his latest release.

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Up-and-coming singer and songwriter, James McDowell was born in Maryland, where he first embarked upon an adventurous journey into the world of music. Before composing his own music, James wrote gospels back in 1982 which led to the beginning of the artist’s musical career. Writing unique tracks embodied by a raw voice and sensory storytelling verses, James McDowell is driven to captivate listeners, while building for himself a distinct and unique musical imprint.

Name: James McDowell
Email Address: [email protected]

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVjssAjAZfE
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/james-mcdowell-music
Spotify: Spotify – Wear Your Mask