Stan B: Blue Fire

Stan B. ReviewStan B comes to you from the Bay Area of California. There he lives and creates a smooth jazz sound for the mature music lovers out there on his latest, “Blue Fire.” “My Sweet Love” has a very ’70s pop R&B feel to it. Plus, that wind instrumentation adds something a little special. I was expecting something a little more funky from “That Funky Look of Love,” instead what you get is something that sounds like it could’ve been the theme song to a court based TV show. You’ll get moving to “H.p. On the Move,” thanks to this great, lively beat it has going on. We’re back to the funk with “Sexy Funky Sweet,” and here the title is all about the sensuality but keeping it G-rated. We wrap up the record with similar styles in “Creepin Round the Corner” and “Sneaky Pete.” Both have this classy Bond movie vibe going in within them, and you can hear them played at different parts of the film. If you like easy listening music, music that won’t distract you with lyrics then check out Stan B’s “Blue Fire,” out now. (