Sule – Love Me

Sule – Love Me


Canadian singer/songwriter Sule’s new single “Love Me” is another high point in the rapidly blossoming solo career of the latest musical export from our northern neighbors. He’s already achieved an appreciable level of notoriety thanks to his Season Three appearance on La Voix, a Canadian version of America’s The Voice airing out of Quebec, and this latest recording is the likely catalyst for Sule to further expand his profile and gain a bevy of new followers. He’s achieved some fame as a compelling live performer as well and there’s every indication in “Love Me” that it will prove a powerfully entertaining concert number for him. All the necessary ingredients for worldwide fame are here – he’s a charismatic, considered, and intelligent performer who brings passion to intensely human experiences and shows no signs of slowing. “Love Me” is definitely an early contender for single of the year.

There’s a lot that makes this so, but the primary factor is Sule’s compelling vocals. He has a wonderfully varied approach to singing this song that couples airy passages with more rough hewn moments when his emotions burn through. He makes the most of a great chorus without ever becoming too overwrought and his phrasing talents take the fine lyric to a much higher level than it would have experienced in the hands of a lesser singer. His entrance into the song isn’t immediate but, once he does come into the track, his presence is unquestionable and the production balances his voice against the instrumentation in such a way that he’s clearly the center of the performance while still benefitting from the first class accompaniment around him. The years he’s spent working with some of the most popular talents in modern music serves him well in his song and he mixes the steadiness of a veteran performer with the spark of a newcomer undoubtedly inspired by his opportunity to shine solo.

The musical backing is rather spartan for much of the song, but “Love Me” isn’t a track that needs tons of gloss laden over to work in a way that makes audiences happy. Instead, it’s fleshed out with lovely acoustic guitar playing and a light smattering of electric instruments without any heavy handed rhythm section presence to weigh down the song’s easy swing. He really finds the spirit of this particular form of Americana without ever straining for effect and the musicians working with him on “Love Me” obviously have a sharp instinct for providing his vocal with what it needs and not a note more. Sule’s new single is a reminder of what master stylists can accomplish, but this isn’t a song that’s ever about surfaces alone – there’s real emotion coming off this number that will touch all but the most jaded and cynical of listeners. “Love Me” is deceptively unassuming, but few who hear it will remain unaffected by its relaxed charms.


Joshua Stryde