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Los Angeles, CA — Sunday, July 19th, 2020 — The Pop duo, Mind Over Drama, consists of two female artists that go by the names of KD Nelley (Ashley Hundley) and HD Killa (Tiara Nolden), who blossomed a friendship in the fall of 2007, after discovering they shared common interests in arts and music. As years of performing at school dances and local bars flew past the two, they started to develop more of a strong pop sound while keeping their roots tangled in the hip hop scene, uploading song after song on their Soundcloud page. It wasn’t until the young ages of twenty, the duo decided to branch out from their SoundCloud page with the bigger picture in mind, creating their first professional debut single ‘Level Up ‘, one of the top songs off of their debut EP ‘Poolside Affair’.

Although, releasing the EP wasn’t an easy task to complete. They spent two years on just the writing half, working 9-5’s to bring in some cash to get it recorded for everyone around them, including their parents, didn’t particularly believe they were even good enough. All in all, the 5 single project was finally released on all streaming platforms on May 22, 2020, and instantly began growing their platform inch by inch daily.

“I believe the hardest part about the EP was trying to gather any money we could get, but we’ve grown to get sort of use to the feeling of it being just us.” KD Nelley expresses then goes on to say, “Our parents never really saw a future for us in music, so since 6th grade, we became dependent on ourselves. That’s why this EP is so special to us. It’s a slap in the face to our parents and others who didn’t believe and it proves we are more than ready to be in the industry.”

The new summer anthem, Poolside Affair, has opened up doors for the girls, receiving label recognition, publishing offers, and double the fans on their social media. The two can now be found at every pool party in America hoping to find a home in a label soon.

You can now listen to the EP and create opinions for yourself!





Mind Over Drama is a Hip Hop duo with a strong pop sound. Going by the names of KD Nelley and HD Killa, the duo are most known for their singles ‘Level Up’ and ‘You Know’.



Mind Over Drama
Mind Over Drama




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