SVS XI – Taking It All Back

San Francisco, CA — Sf Bay Area’s SVS XI takes you back to a time when solid songs, melody, and musicianship ruled the world. They are here and they want to take it back.

SVS XI (short for Spy vs Spy Eleven*) is a San Francisco Bay Area hard rock band whose artistry and style create a unique blend of music inspired by the diverse influences of its members, long time bay area musicians Jon Simon (Eddie Paris, Far Cry), Thaen Rasmussen (Anvil Chorus, Vicious Rumors, TRP) and Sam Morar (Johnny, Maxx Lynx). The band’s debut album, Physical Therapy was released in early 2022 and is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, Spotify, and Tidal. The CD is available through Bandcamp. The album was Engineered and Produced by Jon Simon and recorded at the band’s Mata Hari Studios.

*Special thanks to Nigel Tufell and his Marshall Amplifier that had levels as high as…eleven.

Physical Therapy contains well-crafted songs with solid dynamic sensibility, strong harmonies, fantastical guitar leads, and a flair for the theatrical. All are trademarks of the band’s sound which sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Physical Therapy is a testament to SVS XI’s ability to take a listener on a musical journey long removed from today’s music. From the opening moments of Judge & Jury, which goes through several movements before the first verse starts, to the catchy anthem styles of Physical Therapy and Out of Reach, moving into the haunting orchestration of Circus of Love and Lay Me Down, and finally culminating in the epic grandiosity of Pray, SVS XI transports it’s fans to a place seemingly long forgotten, but filled with an overwhelming and indomitable spirit that is undeniable.

In the wake of NWOTHM, SVS XI wants to take it back…and take you back with them!  They are on a single-minded mission to remind music fans how great songs and music will always find a way…like a song Physical Therapy says….”One night says it all…Don’t hold back it’s only physical…”


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SVS XI – Lineup
Jon Simon – Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
Thaen Rasmussen – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sam Morar – Drums

Music Style:  Hard Rock, NWOTHM, AOR


Name: Jon Simon
Address: 665 BLUE RIDGE DR, San Francisco, CA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-510-754-8092
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