Sympli Blisss Showcases Her Major ‘Duality’

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Jefferson City, Missouri – May 5, 2020 – Sympli Blisss is a dynamic force from the Midwest with skills that have allowed her to shine in the rap realm, as well as be a flicker of hope on the rock world as well. She’s a risk-taker, a musical renaissance woman, and here to showcase to everyone her drive. 

Sympli Blisss dropped her debut EP, ‘Duality,’ in 2018. From it came four well-done tracks that left audiences craving more. With that, she gave the people what they wanted and in 2019 released a handful of singles that satisfied hip hop fans across the board; from “When It Rains” to “Pandora’s Box.” A song that shows the essence of a woman when she wants to just be in her finesse. Then she flipped the script a bit at the end of last year with the release of “Ablysss.” Her first step in the rock direction was like the love child of Missy Elliot and Twenty One Pilots. 

Music had always been something Sympli Blisss loved growing up, but it wasn’t until she was 14-years-old that she started to take steps towards making it her future. She started as a singer-songwriter to give back to her culture and since then she has and continues to do so with each new release. Driven by the love St. Louis has shown her, Sympli Blisss plans on spreading her reach and building her legacy from coast to coast, and then internationally. 

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Sympli Blisss is a dynamic rapper who doesn’t fear taking risks with her style by adding new layers and elements, including rocking it out when necessary. 

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