Take a Peek Under the Cap!

Take a Peek Under the Cap!Yeah, that’s “CAP”…aka: Michael Capshaw. And under the moniker CAP, he’s taking the area by storm! title=”https://www.myspace.com/capishmusic”>https://www.myspace.com/capishmusic

Why “take a peek under the CAP?” Because you’ve probably heard a good deal of his work and never knew it. It’s time to take a peek at the real deal.

He’s performed on air with Chuck Nutt on “Get Low”, “Doin’ the Fool” and “The Summer” which hit the #1 spot in Boston, # 3 in Seattle, and #6 in Los Angeles. Not bad. And did I mention the CAP produced them as well?

CAP’s been a very busy guy. He’s done radio interviews on 103.5 in Ventura, CA, 102.5 in Sacramento, and 96.7 Chico, CA. He’s opened for Mike Jones in April of 2006 in Santa Barbara CA, and co-produced Chuck Nutt’s album “You Got Issues,” released in October of 2005.

He’s been featured on the Bone Thugs & Harmony Tour Album on the song “The Summer,” he’s done two music videos with Chuck Nutt, found time to produce the collaboration album with 6 local artists called “Tha Comp 2004.”

CAP snagged air play in North Carolina with over 1000 requests in one week for a song for the troops called “My Letter Home,” too. Like I said, you may have heard him and his work and never knew it.

Well, here’s your chance to take that peek!

Check out the new album from Chuck Nutt entitled “Doin’ The Fool” on Universal/SMC to be released this summer. It’s CAP at it all over again!

“Doin’ The Fool” features CAP all over it…with some pretty stellar performances! And once again, he’s donned the co-producer’s “cap” for this project.

But probably the best news is his solo CD to be released this year. It’s entitled “InSiDe OuT,”and promises to give everybody a peek at CAP and his talents.

If you’re up for catching him live, check out local venues in Vacaville, Sacramento, Chico, San Francisco, Ventura, Reno, Susanville, and Fairfield. Likely he’ll be there.

And, trust me, you won’t regret the peek. It will be some of the BEST hip-hop you have EVER experienced! https://www.myspace.com/capishmusic