Chaodic Records gets Seryiouz…and STONE!

Chaodic Records gets Seryiouz…and STONE!Chaodic Records gets Seryiouz…and STONE!

Scott (aka: Schott) Marshall’s CHAODIC RECORDS inflames the game with killah Hip-Hop heavies… SERYIOUZ and native New Yorker STONE! Their plan is to make their statements plain and to address the freeze of urban life.

Newly added to their ever-growing roster of new hip-hop artists, SERYIOUZ is puttin’ the stamp on his Chicagoland experiences via his rhymes. A survivior of all the usual sh*t: from watching his older brother fighting rival gangs on the Southeast side of Chicago, to losing both family and friends to “The Game,” SERYIOUZ aims to take it all in and spew it back into the community through his unique viewpoint of how life should be.

His work details the cold, hard life of early 21st century America. And he’s not gonna take it anymore. Music, he believes, saved his life, and he’s out to do the same for his peers through his Rap. An accomplished trumpeter, with roots deep in Jazz, SERYIOUZ has performed to overwhelming acclaim all over Chicago from the legendary Cotton Club, the Subterranean, the Exedus II, Giovanni’s, Studio 75, the Blue Note, the Pyramid and the Iceberg. He’s won the hearts and minds of the Wind City…now it’s time to bring him to the world. Scheduled for release early second quarter of 2008, his project promises to be a monster!

STONE is ready to show the world how New York do it! Eerily similar in his early life experiences to SERYIOUZ, STONE brings a decidedly New York viewpoint to bear.

Always striving for perfection, STONE’s early years saw him working with Long Islander local artists like rahsun, sugar man, and, jelousy also with producers such as Nato international, Ruben and midi…always with heartfelt recognition as a promising artist, easy to work with, and teachable. His most resent project, “Commanding General,” featuring foul mouf, nimrod, and liveson gang, is an arsenal of fire riddled with true-experienced street anthems with production from the Red Head Kingpin, Mr.Morpheus, General Stone, and liveson. Stone is one of the last true MCc’s around and he proves it with raw, uncut life-music.

STONE’s debut Chaodic Records CD is slated for release in September of 2007. Long Island is alive again.

Chaodic Records invites you, the fans, to be a part of something new, entertaining and surely life-changing. Let’s get real. Visit the Chaodic Records’ website, and signup for the mailing list, at:


Chaodic Records P.O. Box 332, Pottstown, PA 19464