Uni and Her Ukelele

Uni and Her UkeleleTo put it lightly, she is probably like the cutest chick I’ve ever seen. Between alternated sips of Heineken and Cabernet I managed to absorb her small set… and it was kind of like a unicorn kissing a kitten while sleeping on a rainbow. Some MC named Poopy Lickles (i’m totally serious) kept interrupting her but even he couldn’t ruin my trance-like love state. I wanted to put her in my pocket or sprinkle her on my wheaties. She sounded a little like Mirah with a Ukelele, you dig? Luckily Uni plays just about every day,be it a picnic in the park or her own invention, Club Unicornbread, which has taken up a monthly spot at Space Gallery by The Hemlock. (Ya bunch a drunks! You’re probably gonna be around there anyway.) Pick up her album, “My Favorite Letter is U,” (My favorite TRACK is a track of the same name) NOW and go see her play. She’s worth a thousand hangovers and there were even face painters that came with her. My friend got balls by his face and a hitler stache but even then, with her playing in the background i was all “cuuuuute!”