Saddle Brown The Future Of Country Music

Saddle Brown The Future Of Country MusicSaddle Brown The Future Of Country Music His name pretty much sets the picture.

SADDLE BROWN: a true believer in and heartfelt lover of Country Music…and destined to become one of the genre’s greatest! With two ministers running the home, SADDEL BROWN, hailing from Lincolnton, NC, grew up enmeshed in Country…the music and the lifestyle. It’s a classic tale of a hot young talent learning his craft in the heart of the South. Over the years, he became a regular part of the houseband at Yesteryears in Charlotte, NC. He also appeared several times as a special guest on the Ken Linker Variety Televised Showcase. His poise and charisma in front of the camera even earned him a spot as co-host of the show for a year.

SADDLE entered the Queen City Talent Search at Cricket Arena in Charlotte, NC. By the time he’d watched the first 58 contestants rap, he realized that he may have signed up for the wrong competition! Walking onto the stage wearing a cowboy hat, the hip-hop crowd started laughing. It didn’t get much better when his backing CD started skipping. SADDLE kept going, saying, “I guess the sound system’s only set up for rap. That’s okay, I don’t need it.”

He launched into an “a cappella” reading of Tim McGraw’s “Angry All the Time.” The crowd loved it.

He ended up taking first place…and the $5,000 check.

But that’s just SADDLE BROWN. Nothing stops this guy!

On his first visit to Nashville a few months ago, Saddle walked into Opry Mills during the Traveling Music Television National Connection Talent Show. He entered completely unprepared, and ended up taking first place in the first round.

I suupose that’s what prompted his move to Nashville.

He landed his first showcase just one month after arriving. Michael Knox, Jason Aldean’s producer, attended, and was instantly converted into a rabid SADDLE supporter. SADDLE’s recently completed his first CD on Music Row, writing and singing all of his own material, and has an impressive catalog of over 300 songs.

He’ll be representing Silk Magazine as their Centerfold Artist of the Month, and has been much touted as the future of country in Silk Magazine, The Charlotte Observer, The Lincoln Times News, and The Gaston Gazette.

The Charlotte Observer’s Chief Country Music Editor, Mark Price, says of Saddle: “He’s got the vocal ability. He’s got the looks. And anyone who has seen him perform knows he’s got stage charisma. I have no doubt that he’ll eventually succeed and some record label is going to profit enormously from the publicity.”

Not bad for a BLACK Country Boy from Lincolnton, NC!

The future of Country is here. The name is SADDLE BROWN. Don’t forget it!