Dark Gothic Folk Project Tamerlan Adds Experimental Edge on Latest Release, ‘Luciferian’


St. Petersburg, Russia – February 15, 2017 – Dark Folk project Tamerlan, since the onset of the project in 2006, has consistently presented what may be considered Gothic or NeoFolk material, but also departing from these styles by introducing a gradual development and enhancement of the project’s aesthetics to include compositional elements from various other styles. The project’s latest release, Luciferian, is no exception, and decisively embraces a more experimental feel than previous albums, utilizing ambient soundscapes, layers of ritualistic percussion, sudden changes to heavier, “thicker” instrumentation, and more. Timur Iskandarov, the musical mastermind behind Tamerlan, has accomplished this musical evolution and diversity by selecting a cast of contributors to the new CD especially designed to expand the dynamics and style of the project’s direction; generating what critics regard as being a highly successful combination of sounds and styles.

Iskandarov’s choice of additional musicians for the release span both a wide range of backgrounds and styles, as well as locations in which the artists are based. The CD includes vocals from Swedish singer Cecilia Bjargo from dark Gothic industrial band Sophia; drummer Aleksandar Maksimovic from Father of Serpents, and Black Metal artist Khargash, both based in Serbia; Swiss atmospheric and Black Metal vocalist/guitarist Bornyhake from the band Borgne, and US/UK based Lovecraftian Futurist and Neo-Medieval Gothic percussionist Will Connor from Seesar and Dread Falls Theatre.

“I was always interested to connect with like-minded people worldwide, and artists whose work I admire in one way or another,” says Iskandarov about his desire to work with guest musicians, adding,  “While Tamerlan is my personal language with the world, for me [it is also] it’s a great honour to use it as a way to sometimes communicate with [these like-minded] artists [I respect]. This tradition started on AIN (Tamerlan’s previous CD), is continued on Luciferian, and [most likely will] be upheld on future releases.”

The combination of guest artists invited and their sonic additions to Luciferian, the project’s ninth release, plus the familiar melodic, sombre acoustic string passages and somewhat Metal-influenced, heavier sections for which Tamerlan is known, apparently have been positively received by fans and reviewers. Tamerlan’s new CD has been nominated for Best CD of the Year for 2016 in Serbia by industry peers and public listeners, and currently holds first place in the awards, which are to be decided on the February 1, 2017.

Russian label Casus Belli Musica has pressed the eight track CD as a six-panel digipack with a full color twelve-page booklet. The album was released on the December 15, 2016, and is now available through standard channels, the label’s online store at https://www.shop.casubellimusica.com, and directly from Tamerlan through the project’s official Facebook.

Check out the Tamerlan Luciferian album teaser here!.


Tamerlan was formed in 2006 by Timur Iskandarov with the sole purpose of abolishing musical limitations within which he felt constrained to embrace a dark Gothic style he calls Death Folk. Tamerlan recently released the project’s ninth CD, Luciferian through Casus Belli Musica Records in Russia.

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