Tara Kye Release Dance Worthy Pop Song

New Track Uplifts People During Quarantine

Chilliwack, Canada – September 22, 2020 – Tara Kye is bringing a smile to the face of listeners with the release of her latest single based on staying inside during the quarantine. “Roaring into the 20s! – Living in Lockdown is Outta Sight” is an uplifting message for those at home and for anyone needing to feel some happiness.

“Roaring into the 20s! – Living in Lockdown is Outta Sight” has a fun beat that will get people dancing all over the house. The single is great for bringing people together. Tara brings good energy through her happy and fun lyrics. The song will bring a bright moment for those inside their homes. Her newest single is available on streaming platforms.

Tara Kye is an energetic pop artist who has already released several tracks. Tara states: “You only live once – this is your lifetime to start living, enjoy your staycation or vacation with your loved ones.”

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