Taylor Hall Releases Her First Single “Lonely Again” From Her Upcoming Debut EP

Los Angeles, CaliforniaAs she surges towards the release of her debut EP, Happy That It Happened, in the most groundbreaking year of her career as a professional artist to date – Taylor Hall is dropping her lead single “Lonely Again” online on March 6th in advance of her stunningly diverse & deeply personal new record.

Drawing evocative lyricism from her own experiences that detail the genuine pain of heartbreak within a sensational hybrid mix of Neo-Soul/Pop/R&B, “Lonely Again” is as catchy as it is compelling, and a brilliant reveal of Taylor’s insightfully grounded perspective & powerfully relevant songwriting. With vivid sincerity threaded into every word she sings, Hall has created a tale of love gone wrong & truly spares no quarter in crafting an experience that dives deep into the emotional devastation of the aftermath – “Lonely Again” is a serious reveal of her original authenticity, sparkling sound, and bold artistic integrity from the lefts to the rights. 

Turning tragedy & turmoil triumphantly into music & words she can proudly stand behind – Taylor Hall has come out stronger than ever before on the other side of heartbreak, ready to dominate the charts &  bring closure to the past as she confidently heads into the future of her career with her first single from her upcoming Happy That It Happened EP. From her spectacularly soulful vocals to the extraordinarily addictive jazzy vibe at the core of her melancholic melody, to her vibrant hooks radiantly beaming Hall’s highly enticing sound, swagger, and style – “Lonely Again” is the mood, the moment, and the anthem for the heartbroken this year in 2022 – and it’s available on every major music platform officially, March 6th

Taylor Hall is dropping her lead single “Lonely Again” online on March 6th in advance of her upcoming EP “Happy That It happened” 

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Taylor Hall is an artist, activist, and public speaker based in Indianapolis. Known for organizing the city’s largest protest in 30 years, she’s not afraid to let her voice be heard – politically or creatively. As an artist, she views her lyrics and music as a form of an audio diary, which provides an emotional release for things happening in her life. Her largest show to date has been performing her debut single, “I Can’t Breathe”, in front of 10,000 people at the State Capitol. 


Taylor Hall
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