Terry MILLA Drops New Single/Video

A solid approach is the secret to success in most pop music, but in hip-hop, it’s the cornerstone of every iconic hit ever made. Terry Milla is more than aware of this fact, and if you didn’t think so before hearing his new single “Free-Quincy,” this latest release and its music video are going to change your mind. Milla is stone cold behind the mic in this track, but more importantly, his lyrical strength is perhaps greater than it ever has been before. There are plenty of avenues down which one can explore their own artistry, but I personally prefer someone who has the attitude to press as hard towards the future as they can – much as this player is here. 

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The music video for “Free-Quincy” is multi-interpretive from the perspective of its greater narrative, but no matter what angle you’re analyzing this piece from it’s definitely a showcase of artistic swagger without dispute. There are few moments in this performance in which Terry Milla sounds anything but incredibly confident in the statements he’s putting down in each verse, and while the track as a whole flows together perfectly well, there’s a somewhat intentionally disjointed feel to the transitions that creates an ominous subtext I really gravitated towards from the jump here. 

I really like the way in which the vocal is made to float atop everything else in this mix as opposed to either sitting beside or beneath the swell of a giant, groove-creating bassline. This affords the song a bit of duality where there would have been none otherwise, and as a listener it definitely makes it easier for me to appreciate the poeticisms Milla is shelling out effortlessly from the driver’s seat. He’s got a skillset that deserves more of the spotlight, and I think he’s keen on that in this release. 

The percussion delivers what could be the most straightforward attack of any instrumental component in this song, leaving no room for the surreal indulgences a lot of other hip-hop and trap artists have been experimenting with for the better part of the last four years. To be fair, Terry Milla has yet to do anything in his work that would tether his greater aesthetic to the cloud rap community coming up in the American southeast at the moment, and I would even go so far as to say that he’s rebelling against the model’s artistic depth in this latest studio cut. 

A forward-thinking tune from a progressive juggernaut of a player, I highly recommend listening to what Terry Milla has to say in his new single “Free-Quincy” and giving its music video a watch as well this March. Though there has never been a time quite like the present for hip-hop and its greatest of young artists, there’s still plenty of reason to believe that the genre isn’t done evolving – especially when listening to an experimentalist like Milla firing on all cylinders. He makes me excited for what’s to come next, and I think his recent release will have a similar effect on you, too. 

Zachary Rush