The Allrightniks

The Allrightniks The Allrightniks remind me of an old skool mellow rock bank. They have a little bit of Built to Spill and a little bit of the all around American jam band infused throughout their sound. Every instrument played shows a lot of practice went into the creation of The Allrightniks. I like that the male vocalist plays the guitar along with their bassist who sings backup vocals. The drummer understands rhythm and has, definitely, been playing for years and years.
My favorite song from their first album is Girl in My Life. However the five remaining songs Promises, Bad Day, Tomorrow, Meat is Murder, and Change your Mind share an emotional sincerity throughout. Change your Mind weaves the tale of a couple discussing the possibility of breaking up. The boy is trying to woo the girl back to him. Their songs are very truthful. Isn’t that exactly what they are supposed to do as artists?
Take a sneak peak here…
written by C. Fischer