Without Spaces

Without Spaces The slow ballad Out the Door eclipses into an faster-moving song and returns again to its slow ballad origins. “If i went out the door would you follow me?” sets the sing song tone of this Independent Alternative Rock Band called WithoutSpaces. With over 2,600 fans on their Facebook page this young all male band is breaking the hearts of young girls all over the country.
Their guitar, drums, vocals, and bass combine in making an fun sound paying homage to bands like Switchfoot, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Goo Goo Dolls, and many more bands before them. After listening to their album over and over I tried not to place the exact band they were paying homage to because I wanted to hear their own unique voices and instruments come through. Of all of the songs in their debut album, On The Line, Out the Door stands out with its catchy hooks and lyrics that tell the tale of young love. Check out their LP On The Line on their facebook site:
Written by C. Fischer