The Dead Daisies’ New Single “Bustle and Flow”

From a visual standpoint, the music video for The Dead Daisies’ new single “Bustle and Flow” feels like something straight out of a horror movie, but despite the colorful abrasiveness of the imagery, the riffs it features make it a palatable watch for anyone craving some serious rock rhythm this fall. The Dead Daisies have a lot of experience between their players, being comprised of musicians who have been cultivating their individual styles through work with everyone from Whitesnake and Dio to Journey, Deep Purple and Red Phoenix, and here, they’re reminding the world that rock is still pumping out a lot of charisma in this new decade in the history of pop music. 


The bright and neo-psychedelic colors match up with the beat and lyrical narrative quite well in this music video, and while the groove stands as a black and white document in the single, it gets a second life as a force for thrills beyond compare in this visual companion. Everything was created via the Unreal Engine (outside of the song itself), but it doesn’t look like an amateurish, Fortnite-style release at all; there’s too much action and, dare I say too much of a relationship between the imagery and the music, for this to ever be the case. 

If you weren’t already listening to the work The Dead Daisies have been banging out before “Bustle and Flow,” something tells me this song and its video are going to have you interested in what their sound is all about. Try as younger generations have, there aren’t many players who have been able to compete with the legacy of the groups this band has sourced its inspiration from, and in this release we see that they’re far more than an extension of their past; they’re in fact a bridge into the next chapter of hard rock’s incredible story. 

Zachary Rush