The Greek Goddess of Groove Elly Sardi Bursts To The Scene With Her Debut Album.

Old-School vibes are alive in Elly’s fresh and rich album for all generations.

HOBOKEN, New Jersey — March 01, 2022 – Elly Sardi has made breaking into the sphere of pop music appear quite effortless with her debut album. It starts off with a rich, power-punch single titled ‘If I Knew You Before’ – a cocktail of up-tempo pop-rock, coupled with a fantastic dose of rhythmic rap performed by New Jersey’s very own J. Coop. Performed at maximum intensity and full of heart, this song really sets the pace for the entire album.

Groove intensive songs ‘Girls Night Out’, ‘No Cinderella’ and ‘Tender Lady’ celebrate today’s diverse women with real and genuine inspiration with uplifting beats and vocal melodies that will have hips moving and fingers snapping.

The album also contains a ballad titled ‘I’ll Be There’. This is the only ballad on the album, and it is sung in tandem with Elly Sardi’s guitarist, Spiros Neofytos, in what is a breath-taking display of how strong vocals can uplift a song to great heights. This song is a memorable performance, meant to give inspiration to those who can’t see that someone is there for them just because they are too afraid to open up. With strong undertones of perseverance and unconditional love, this song forms the thematic backbone of the entire album.

The single ‘People United’ seeks to further the narrative that uniting people shouldn’t be political. Elly’s message captures the essence: “no matter race, creed or stride, we need to live side by side”.  In an electric fusion of reggae and pop groove, this is one of the best songs on the album to jam to.

Go to to sample Elly’s power groove self-titled album or visit Elly’s website to stream and download her music. Feel free to reach out to Elly for interviews, reviews, and collaborations via email.



Elly was born in Athens and started playing classic piano at the age of 6. Initially, it was a love-hate relationship between her and her instrument. Wanting instead to stand up and sing, Elly started performing pop-rock and R & B classics to enthusiastic crowds. Anxiety at times got the best of her but Elly overcame her fears by immersing herself in her father’s 60s, 70s, and 80s vinyl collection. Her debut album is a testament to the therapy that music provided.

Elly’s album was recorded with live instrumentation and unfiltered vocals.  Elly will start performing in America in the Fall of 2022. Until then, select shows have been earmarked throughout Europe. Gig dates will be posted on her website.


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