The Lonely Dreamers “Break Through” With New Single

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Hastings, Minnesota – March, 18 – 2020 – Recently formed in January of this year, The Lonely Dreamers already have a half dozen songs under their belt including their latest single, “Break Through.” 

“Break Through” falls in line with the overall theme of The Lonely Dreamers. It’s a song based in reality that many can relate to. It showcases the somber every day of those stuck in a job that is heading nowhere. A job that is driving them closer to the edge with each passing day. Despite the negativity circling the situation, the song provides a sense of hope as it relays an important message; keep trying. There is a better life out there, waiting. 

The Lonely Dreamers was inspired by long time guitarist Chris Dittrich’s son Nick. After Nick taught himself to play the drums, Chris couldn’t help but get back in the game. Together they had the music down but were missing a lyricist to pull it altogether. Luckily Chris had the perfect person in mind; Layne Skoyen. While Chris only knew of Skoyen’s comical, and sometimes dirty, songs from The Insane Lane Band, they were able to come together and start something new as a threesome. 

A father and son rocking out in their basement were taken to new heights with the help of a lyricist friend with 20 years experience to his name. In the end came a half dozen songs that shine a light on the reality of dreaming and how they, and life, don’t always go the way one hopes but in the end people have to keep on keeping on. 

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The Lonely Dreamers’ music represents the fact that dreams don’t always come true for most of us. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Unfulfilled dreams can lead to depression, disappointment, and an unhappy family life. Lonely Dreamers need people in their life to help them realize that life can still be fulfilling even if your dreams do not come through. Someone who can make a difference in the way I feel today. A sweet reminder of good times on the way!

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