The Man with the Pen, Matthew Primous

Matthew Primous ReviewMatthew Primous has been featured on and has a gift with words. “Fallen in Love” has some great lyrics, but the vocals are a little shaky. Then when we get into “A Blessing in the Sky,” it seems like Matthew has found a comfortable place for his voice as this one comes across as more confident and put together. With “Get it Right” we hear him sticking with that comfortable place in his delivery but what really stands out with Matthew Primous is that he has a great knack for creating effortless pop songs when it comes to the lyric department. Which in most cases, is better for a creative type. The lyrics are the bones of the song. So while his voice is good, his lyrics stand out as great and I’d love to see where he goes as a songwriter in his career, because it could be far. (