The RIDEOUTS – Heart & Soul

The RIDEOUTS – Heart & Soul


The Rideouts offer a new set of music. Their album is a combination of EDM and rock. Their Heart & Soul album is very catchy and actually starts with an upbeat sound that is more rock and roll in rhythm and beat.

Their songs are as follow:

Not Enough

The song doesn’t have much words, but with very few words, the message of the song is very soulful. It is about someone who is trying to convince its other half or partner that with all the effort that it gave or provide, it still seems not enough. There is a sense of longing and providing enough attention for the person. Among all songs of the album, this is the most catchy song the Rideouts have.

Plastic Soul

The rhythm of plastic soul has a bit of similarity with their song “Not Enough”. The message of the song is about a guy who is crazily in love with a person who have changed his perception in life and love. The term plastic soul refers about how the singer relates to his identity where his personality and identity was given meaning. The lyrics are quite few but it is good to listen to because of the catchy rhythm all throughout the song. The ending was very well-defined and was delivered wonderfully.

I’m So Sorry

This song is as sad as its title. The song “I’m So Sorry” is less upbeat compared to the other songs. It can really give the right mood for those who are seeking acceptance and forgiveness. Lyrics are quite direct and sincere. It is one heartfelt song.

Give It To Me

This song has somewhat Bon Jovi inspired music. There is also a hint of salsa beat during the first part of the music. Give it to me renders a message of someone who is looking for attention and actually win the love he is asking, questioning why after all this are done it is not yet given to him. The lyrics like the others are quite few, but then again the beat and music makes up for that.

I’ll Be Free

More of a feel-good song, after realizing that there is more to life than a relationship that is not worth having. Definitely your new favorite moving on song.

Put The Blame On Me

Another low-beat, easy listening song from The Rideouts. The title speaks for the message it wanted to render – about a guy who wants to reassure his girl that rather think about crazy other things, the singer suggest for all the blame to be put on him. Words were perfectly combined. Quite a moving song.

Who I Am

After few slow beat songs, another rock and roll inspired, Who I Am is a song you would usually find in the old juke box. Faithful to its title, Who I Am song is about questioning one’s identity after experiencing some life turning event in his life. It is more of a life song, than a love song.


Cozy acoustic theme, this what reminds me listening to this song. It is relaxing like its title – wait. The message of the song is about someone who is asking for some time to prove himself, that whatever it is that he has now is not totally what defines him as a person.

Take It Easy

Another somewhat Bon Jovi inspired song. I like how the lyrics are put on together. It is cute and catchy. Take it easy, just like its title talks about how daily routine can be hassle at times, but it is just how things are, so it is better to be taken easy. A good song to listen to while on the bus. I also like the incorporation of various voices in the last part and of the flute sound or was it a harmonica?

Be A Man

Be a Man is a reminder that in love, there is no winner and loser. No one is supposed to lose or win anyway. Just face the hurdles whatever life or love may take you. The beat is quite monotonic but is still catchy.

Don’t Cry

Ending the song with an acoustic song about a man trying to reassure his love, easing his pain and promising a fresh start. “Love is a tough game” but it doesn’t mean it is not worthwhile. I can relate much to this song. I’ve actually loop this a couple of times from all of the songs from the Heart & Soul album.

This album is great for those people who asks what might have been, and what could have been. A good playlist for those questioning and seeking answers. I give this album a total of 8/10. With 11 great songs in an album, it is definitely a good buy.

by Crystal Ross Jimeno