Just Dance with Mister Goff

mister groff reviewMister Goff makes music I’m sure would be a delight in the club scene. “Watch Me” is full of energy and you could hear it on a Thursday night any time on a dance floor in Hollywood. It had life, it has a great beat – it has people dancing up a storm. We tone it down a bit with “Get Off.” Here you can hear more of his vocals and a little drama. With “Fly” we’re back up and here, I’d compare his style to the great RuPaul in terms of theatrics and the full packaging. Last, but certainly not least – “Diva Bitch” has a striking fierceness to it that is inescapable. If you’re a fan of dance music that rocks to the core, check out Mister Goff now. (https://www.mistergoff.com)