The Musical Hope of Dave Atencio

dave atencio reviewDave Atencio is a singer-songwriter with two albums under his belt. His debut in 2009 “Little Square Box” that can be found on CDBaby and his latest “Southbound Train” that’s sold almost 8,000 copies so far on iTunes. When he’s not releasing records Dave can be found around giving fans what they crave because as he sings in the almost Country jam session of “Southbound Train,” “music makes me free.” He’s an artist that not only sings that sentiment but believes it fully as he brings forth delight in his music like the sweet and beach-like ways created in “Ukulele Jam,” or the funky beat produced with “Make You Dance.” All in all you can sum up Dave’s voice in “56 Hope Road.” It’s a clear cut singer-songwriter piece that showcases a man with only his trusty guitar in hand. If you’re into music that’s a little bit Country and a whole lot of fun, check out Dave Atencio now. (