New Sexy Russian Rock Band — The Gnine

The Gnine is an alternative rock band founded in 2008 in Moscow. In summer 2014 the band released their new EP album called #3. This is either their 3rd album or boobs sign, but the cover attracts attention immediately. The album has five songs, each very different from the other. There are five different moods on this album: it starts with agressive and powerful Break and ends by melodic and romantic 5 a.m.

You can stream The Gnine new album on soundcloud:

The sound of #3 album has nothing alike with traditional Russian alternative scene. The Gnine is more customary for European ear than most Russian heavy bands, but with its own charm and soul. If you want to have a good impression of Russian alternative music, you should start with the Gnine’s #3. Fun fact: the band used 3D printing to create band logo charm, depicted on the cover.

“Recording this song with the Gnine band was not only a lot of fun, but a hell of a learning experience. Max did not let me leave the studio until I got things right and I respect him so much for that. I can not wait for round 2, Thanks guys!” – says American actor and popular youtube-blogger called Philip Jones aka Philochko, who recorded song Break together with the band.

The Gnine created 5 perfect alternative songs that you will enjoy. Get your Russian rock music experience right from the start. Play it whenever — and wherever — the mood strikes. Check the Gnine’s new amazing album today!

The band currently consists of Alla — vocals, Max — guitar, Andy — percussion, Alex — bass.

The band’s philosophy is all about no limits or strict rules, which is why their songs range from powerful and heavy-sounding to melodic and peaceful. The energy in Alla’s voice, tender and explosive at the same time, is what allows The Gnine to express all the emotions in their music and provide their fans with great songs.