The Queen The Worlds Been Missing!

kansas city, ks — QueenMaZine is what the world has been needing when it comes to music, business, and life! She has so many amazing talents and the ability to have people gravitate toward her personality and also to her spirit.

Queen creates a different sound relatable to life and others. There have been so many inspiring moments she has created for her fans and she has never changed that about her.

“Always allow yourself to focus on you, because destine is never untouchable”

“Stay true to who you are no matter the change in others, it will be your growth and gaining honest people”

There are so many different avenues in business that have drawn Queen to want to help others in all aspects of life, and she will do anything to succeed for herself so that it’s easy for others to succeed as well!

This entire platform has been the biggest thing for her, wanting to have the outlet for not only fans but other artists to be able to be as free and knowledgable for a better future.

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QueenMaZine was born and raised in Kansas City, Ks to her mother Zee, and grandparents. Since she was a young girl she has always been a star, she would dance, sing, act, write, and always wanted to get her family to be a part of a group or dance routine. That’s how it all started, music has always been a part of her childhood but she wanted to take things to an entirely new level forever.


Name: QueenMaZine
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4046212813




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