The Sav and The Art of Savagery

The Sav and The Art of SavageryThe underground hip hop community recently gained another ally, as The Sav is poised to come surging out of his Seattle, Washington home turf and roll across the United States with the force of a Mack truck. Spitting clever metaphors and utilizing thought provoking wordplay, this up and comer is fighting out of the corner of the West, yet discovers his influences from around the country. After founding his own record label and preparing to launch his first full length record, The Bar Exam Art of Savagery, The Sav’s time is now.

Along with the massive task of releasing his own record, The Sav is taking on other projects with his new label, teaming up with fellow local indie artists MG (a.k.a. Magic) and E-Rich, who appeared on the track “My Street.” Three more releases are currently underway including MG’s full-length School’s Out, E-Rich’s solo album, and a group record entitled Seattle’s Best The Album: We Ain’t Talkin’ Coffee.

Led by the single and music video for “In My Shoes,” The Bar Exam Art of Savagery is steadily picking up steam on its way to becoming an indie hip hop success. An album release party is planned for the drop date of February 26, which is sure to be one of the hottest events of the chilly winter throughout the Seattle area.