The Silvers Announce Second 2019 Release ‘Change Of Seasons’

Rushmore Out Now


Novato, California – August 29, 2019 – The Silvers aren’t getting much rest in 2019. They’ve already got one record out and another on the way. Fans of upbeat rock reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s have their latest, Rushmore, to hold them over until the release of their second 2019 release, Change Of Seasons.

Change Of Seasons comes five months after the release of Rushmore, an album that features their hit single “Blame It On Love.” In May and June of 2019 “Blame It On Love” hit the top 20 on iTunes not only in the US but in Canada and Mexico as well. Fans and critics alike couldn’t get enough of with Stargaze calling them ” thoughtful, multi-talented and confident,” The Silvers are well prepared to repeat the success of Rushmore all over again when their new EP, Change of Seasons drops in November 2019.

Featuring six new songs, Change of Seasons will continue the lengthy musical journey of The Silvers. The band originally started in the ’70s as Silver Laughter. They impressed throughout the ’70s but by the end of the decade that brought us everything from disco to bellbottoms, the band disbanded. While they were no longer together, fans’ fervor was ever-present. So much so that Silver Laughter reunited in 2014 when they were inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After that moment, Mick Orton (bassist/vocalist/songwriter) was bitten by the bug once again. Alongside Tom Kelley and Ricky Zero, Mick began The Silvers and continued the journey, releasing their debut in 2016.

Three years later they’re still nonstop with numerous releases, including one already in 2019 and one on the way with the release of Change of Seasons. On top of working on new music, The Silvers have also released an animated series of sorts via YouTube that showcases the band’s cartoon adventures in an alternate universe; Silver Surf City.

Those interested in adding “Blame It On Love” to their playlists, setting up a review of Change of Seasons, or interviewing a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee can reach out via the information provided below.

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Throughout the ’70s, Silver Laughter made a name for themselves by writing catchy, hook-laden rock songs with more than a hint of Beatles influence. After the band was inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, it inspired the formation of The Silvers. Since then, they have recorded numerous EPs and LPs, including their latest, Rushmore, which was released on May 2019. Currently, they’re working on the followup, Change Of Seasons, due out in November 2019.

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