The Soul of Acoustic and Fusion Music- Katelyn Ingardia Unveils Stunning Debut Solo Record

Titled “Getaway,” the artist’s mesmerizing new track is a prelude to a formidable musical career in Acoustic, Americana, and Roots

Easley, South Carolina —August 1st, 2023 – Katelyn Ingardia is no stranger to creating music that has the ability to transcend all boundaries and all superficial limits. In true Acoustic fashion, the singer-songwriter-who is also the founding member of the up-and-coming band Backline, displays a fascinating perfection in her craft.

With her newest single, “Getaway,” audiences can lose themselves in the melodic magic of Katelyn Ingardia’s craft. Delivering a fascinating and enthralling fusion of Americana, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, and Roots, the multi-genre artist succeeds in resonating with listeners.

The artist’s enchanting single “Getaway,” presents an exquisite introduction to her debut solo venture within the backdrop of her integral role in Backline. Released on July 1st, 2023 across global platforms, “Getaway” is a testament to Ingardia’s lyrical prowess, weaving a spellbinding yet relatable story.

Katelyn’s prowess is matched by the equally talented producer of the band- Jeff Partin, who helps bring resonant soundscapes come to life with his Reso-guitar, bass, and harmony vocals. “Getaway” also features the masterful artistry of instrumental maestros Aaron Ramsey on the mandolin and guitar, Tim Crouch on the fiddle, and Zach Arnold playing rhythm guitar.

“Getaway,” Katelyn’s new masterpiece, not only marks her solo debut but also paints her journey as a core member of her celebrated Bluegrass ensemble. The exciting track serves as a sneak peek into her forthcoming solo album, a compilation of ten original songs, including co-writing collaborations with luminaries such as Paula Breedlove and Louis Hughes.

With a vibrant presence spanning almost a decade in Backline, Katelyn Ingardia has carved her identity within the world of Folk and Bluegrass. As the admirable artist steps into her solo endeavor, her introspective lyrics harmonize effortlessly with the captivating energy of her music, mesmerizing listeners.

Embark on an auditory adventure through the artists’ official website, where you can explore Backline’s electric tracks! Request Katelyn’s newest single- “Getaway” on your favorite radio station, save it on your playlist, and experience the magic at her live performances!

Katelyn Ingardia & Backline’s musical odyssey calls upon all audiences, weaving tales that resonate deeply in the hearts of fans.




With nearly eight years of musical dedication in the Bluegrass and Folk realms, Katelyn Ingardia is both a driving force and a founding member of South Carolina’s emerging band, Backline. While her original creations have flourished within the band, Katelyn now unveils her solo artistry through the enticing single “Getaway.”

This high-energy love song captures dreamy sentiments, likening shared moments to exotic escapes. “Getaway” offers a sneak peek into Katelyn’s forthcoming solo project, promising a blend of heartfelt narratives and vibrant melodies. As she embarks on this musical solo journey, Katelyn invites you to witness her evolution as an artist, painting emotional stories with each melody and lyric.


Katelyn Ingardia & Backline
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