The Sweet Lips

The Sweet Lips

(AUS) 3 piece rock band “The Sweet Lips” just released their latest 10 song album entitled (From out of Nowhere) in 2014. From the first notes of (Little Child) trough to the final winding twists and turns of (Down) this release fires on all cylinders. In contrast a band like “The Sweet Lips” deliver an incredibly balanced blend of Heavy Blues, Rock and Hard Rock and just a dash of Alternative Rock. New band members Richard Caitlin & Kirt Mallie helped greatly on the music front and squeezed out 10 tracks for there new album “from out of nowhere” This album has a tasty build through catchy tracks & a little surprises in each song; following along the lines of stoner/grunge-rock adding a bit more grit to the music flavor. The sweet lips first track on the album is “Little Child” this song has punched through the barriers In the American movie market & is quickly gathering attention from other resources. The sweet lips music is released through i Tunes & other Internet base outlets check out the sweet lips on the link below & leave a comment on your thoughts of this great new album. Monaghan and company have much in the way of promise and marketability especially to cult fans like Oleander, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam and Dozer, Colour Haze, Nebula and Screaming trees. The Sweet Lips provide 10 intriguing musical stepping stones and boldly showcase world class musicianship with no illusions, or farces. This is real and genuine rock n’ roll musical expressionism folks! All tracks are powerful, melodic and highly entertaining. Which doesn’t even begin to describe the inducing guitar/vocal presence of front man Monaghan. This guy is a musical triple threat in my mind. He’s got the look, he can play a mean guitar, and he’s an impassioned singer/songwriter. Besides – his name is awesome as well. Like I had mentioned its impressive how well “The Sweet Lips” have combined heavy, blues rock with alt-rock dark balladry. What’s more I didn’t fail to notice deep, soulful vocals and emotive lyrics perhaps influenced by Nirvana, Yawning Man, Los Natas and The Atomic Bitchwax.

To me “The Sweet Lips” sound like a modern day version of Nirvana and Soundgarden and to me have that late 90’s Seattle sound. Monaghan is a captivating composer and singer/guitarist within his own right. Some songs (Little Child) and (Love Transmission) seem painfully simple yet some not to be underestimated (Phoenix Bird). Some songs know a sure direction delivering the A-Typical Rock flair (Tie Me Down) and (Nemesis). However some pieces dig a bit deeper are even dark and boldly honest: (Down) and (Method of Science)..

“The Sweet Lips” are one of the hottest rock CD’s I’ve heard this year – but may not be for everyone as they sound like band 10 years late to the party. Despite this not so corporate approach “The Sweet Lips” will appeal to old school rock fans mostly who like a dark-sharp edge to their music.

Edward Hyatt

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